Alex Bartolozzi Wins Healthy Snack Contest

By Kathleen Murphy, Market MAnager 

Isabelle Saba, a cadet in Girl Scout Troop 1991, wrote to the farmers market about an idea she had to teach young children about nutrition and healthy living at the farmers market. Some lessons she suggested stressing are "what foods are in season, how buying local is better, the importance of knowing what you eat, where the food comes from, and why the farmers market is always the best choice."

Based on her suggestion, and noting that other young people have expressed their longing to participate in some way in the farmers market, we held the very first "Healthy Snack Contest" this past Saturday. for 8 to 12 yeas olds. We know it was a rough day to get up and prepare a recipe after an amazing Halloween celebration in the Village Centre and elsewhere on Friday night, so if you missed the chance to show your chef abilities, we will be holding another contest real soon. ( or for information.) We are pleased to announce that Alex Bartolozzi won the contest with his "Protein Balls."

Thanks to Isabelle Saba (Girl Scout Troop 1991) and Lisa Colburn Stewart ( for serving as judges of this first event